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Pluto Finds a Friend

Elena Fenech, Reporter

On October 11 2016, a new planet was found on the edge of our solar system. The planet was named 2014 UZ224 and it is a small dwarf planet about the size of Iowa and half the size of Pluto. The planet is roughly 8.5 billion...  Read More »

October 18, 2016 • 0 comments

  • Your Worst Nightmare is Coming True October 13, 2016
  • Speed Cameras and Other Driving Laws: Too Heavy? September 26, 2016

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Woodhaven VS. Edsel Ford

Taylor Hudgins, Photographer

Woodhaven Boys Soccer team vs. Edsel Ford during district semifinals.  Woodhaven won 3-0! Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins...  Read More »

October 26, 2016

Detroit off to a Bad Start

Abigail Grias, Reporter

The Detroit Red Wings are an original six hockey team. The original six is one of the very first NHL teams. The Detroit Red Wings haven't started off the way fans would have wanted. With the team being...  Read More »

October 21, 2016

Boys Varsity Soccer against Southgate

Taylor Hudgins, Photographer

  Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins...  Read More »

October 4, 2016

Good coach or no coach

Isabella Harris, Photographer

In high school there are many athletes, and behind every athlete there is a coach. There are two types of coaches, the ones who pushes their athletes to do their best and love the sport they do, and the...  Read More »

May 12, 2016

Terror on the corners

Natalia LaSorda, Social Media Editors

Since the word “softball” has the word soft in it, most people think that an actual softball is softball is soft, but it is not. In the past decade, a new invention called the face mask was made to...  Read More »

May 12, 2016

Hail hutch!

April 18, 2016

How much does each sport run?

March 2, 2016

Home is where the heart is

January 26, 2016

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Varsity Swim relay cements 3rd place at News Herald

"This is the relay that cemented our 3rd place finish at the News Herald Meet and got us our first News Herald trophy in several years," said swim coach...  Read More »

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Student Life

Jeopardy for High School

Olivia Sepe, Photography

Do you like playing trivia games? Do you like watching Jeopardy on TV? WHS Quiz Bowl is looking for members! When you join you get to participate in one of WHS’s back-to-back division and league champion...  Read More »

October 18, 2016

College Month @ WHS

Isabella Harris, Photographer

The month of October in Woodhaven High School is one seniors won’t forget, the whole month is dedicated to seniors for multiple reasons, to apply to colleges, FAFSA, and Scholarships. “College month...  Read More »

October 12, 2016

How to Prepare for your First Job

Chelsey Harris, Event Planner

Applying for your first job may be overwhelming. You also will probably have to apply to many different jobs before you even get a call back from that employer. Teenagers usually feel discouraged when...  Read More »

September 26, 2016

The Gigantic Class

Done't Cason, Business Manager

This 2016/2017 school year Woodhaven High school (WHS) had a new addition to the school; as usual. Starting the day of September 6th, 2016 the class of 2019 (sophomore’s) became a part of the WHS warrior...  Read More »

September 26, 2016

4 affordable summer vacation spots

Melanie Schaffer, Layout Editor

 Summer is fast approaching, and the talk of where to go this summer is starting to arise. A lot of vacation destinations, while they can be a nice place to go, they can also be way out of budget. So h...  Read More »

May 23, 2016

What I wish I knew before high school

May 11, 2016

Local job listings

April 19, 2016

Life of a test taking teen

April 18, 2016

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The student news site of Woodhaven High School
The student news site of Woodhaven High School