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Fun things to do on a budget

Lauren Walmsley, Copy Editor

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It may seem that when being on a low budget, there is nothing fun to do. This is definitely not true. There are a lot of cool things you can do for small amounts of money or even free.

An enjoyable thing to do for tremendously cheap is to have a movie marathon. Grab a group of friends and pick a bunch of awesome movies to watch. Movies can be found from a TV, a Netflix or Hulu account if you have one, or go to a movie rental store. Gather some tasty snacks and enjoy. Watching movies is a great way to spend time, have fun, and bond with friends.

Not a big fan of movies? Try baking! Baking is very cheap and delicious. You most likely already have most of the ingredients needed at your house. Bake with some friends and make some tasty treats to share. Recipes can be found online, in books, or in the school newspaper. Baking is exceptionally simple so anyone would be able to do it. It’s rewarding to enjoy something that was worked hard on to make and had a great time creating

If baking isn’t your thing, try to play a sport and get active. Sports can keep people healthy and active. Playing sports is a fun way to get competitive with some friends. There are so many different sports that there is one that’s right for everyone.  This includes baseball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and so many more. Anybody can find one that is fun to play. Even for someone who is unathletic, it can be fun to practice and chat with some friends. There are tons of sports for every season, so this is something that can be done year-round. Most sports can be played completely free so this is great for anyone on a budget.

There is so much to do if you’re bored and don’t have a lot of money to spend. So pull out some popcorn, Pinterest, or a football and have fun! Most of these things are extremely cheap or free. Don’t sit around and do nothing when you could be having a blast for zero charge.

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Fun things to do on a budget