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All-Star hockey

Abbie Grias, Staff Reporter

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January 28,  the National Hockey League hosted their skills competition at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The NHL skills competition is where they gather all of the best hockey players and put them through a number of skills test. “ This is interesting to watch because you rarely see their skills in games and this is one place you get to see them do it,” said senior Megan Roe.

 This year they had a new challenge that was called the four line challenge. This event involves four shooters from each team. Each shooter will shoot from one of four shooting positions; near blue line, center line, far blue line, and far goal line. The first shooter from each team takes two shots from the near blue line in an attempt to score goals in either the upper left or upper right corner of the net. Successful shots score one point for their team. The second shooter from each team takes two shots from center ice in an attempt to score goals in one of the four corners of the net. The third shooter took a shot from the far blue line in attempt to score in any of the open corners of the net. Finally, the fourth shooter takes a shot from the far goal line in attempt to get a five hole goal. Captains from the teams can substitute the fourth player for one of the goalies. If a goalie makes the shot, it is worth 20 points to their team.

  The skills competition has many different events like accuracy shooting and faster skater. In the fastest skater event you start from center ice and skate around the rink finishing at the far blue line. Last year, Dylan Larkin from the Detroit Red Wings holds the record for the fastest skater with the time 13.172 seconds. Connor McDavid came close with the time of 13.310 seconds. Larkins record still stands with the fastest time.

  Every year the NHL goes above and beyond to make sure their skills competition is fun and exciting. The NHL exceeded that and made one of the best skills competitions yet. This year there were many new experiences along with many new all stars that got the chance to perform in front of a lot of fans.

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All-Star hockey