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Pasta is the key to success

Ruby Guzman, Staff Reporter

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Carbs. They get a bad rap in general but not with athletes preparing for an upcoming race. The Woodhaven High School boy’s swim team has been using this method before their meets for many years.

“Pasta dinners have started before I swam and dove for the team in 1998. We as swimmers know that carbohydrates help us in swimming.  Our bodies store them and then use them when more energy is needed when swimming or exercising. We eat pasta the night before meets, then our bodies break it down and store it.  Our bodies then use and burn the carbs the next day at the meet.  The bonding that the team has during these pasta parties is great. WHS swimmers have always had a great bond.  I can go years without seeing or talking with some of my old teammates but we always pick up where we left off, that still holds true for these modern teams as well.”  said Coach Blake Bannon.

 Most of these boys develop lifelong friendships.  For example we have multiple swimmers at the same college and they all room together, even if they are years apart. These parties also have a lasting effect for the swimmers and the school. Every year the swim team has an alumni swim meet and more and more previous swimmers are returning.

All the boys on the swim team get together at one house and have a little pasta party with their friends and family, eating as much pasta as they can. Last year the Tittle family ordered 20-30 pounds of pasta, enough to feed 40 people and they still had to buy more pasta. They were the first parents to order that much pasta. Swim team parents are very supportive of the get together. The boy’s parents take turns hosting the pasta dinners and the whole team splits the cost.

 “For my very first pasta dinner I didn’t really know what to expect, it’s a nice party that doesn’t get out of hand. No one gets mad at each other, it’s all fun. Someone takes out a deck of cards then that leads to 32 people trying to play one game, someone else brings out Cards against Humanity and, oh lord, it gets a little out of hand but other than that it’s a lot of fun,” said senior and swim captain Andrew Severinski.


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Pasta is the key to success