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How to brighten up a gloomy day

Ruby Guzman, Staff Reporter

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Every student has those days where your binders are stocked up with loads of homework for each and every subject. During those times, stress levels rise and your mood can drop drastically. There are many things that you, yourself can do in order to change your mood from gloomy to cheerful without too much hassle.

One quick way to brighten your day is by smelling your perfume or a scent that makes you happy. Just take a deep breath and think about the funny moments that have happened in your past.

If you have loose change on you, go buy yourself a snack.Woodhaven High School has small packs of gum in the vending machines. Studies shows if you chew a mint gum it will wake your mind up. Play some of your favorite tunes in your free time to get rid of your stress but remember our school policy, only one earbud can be in.

Reading a good book can as well brighten your day. Can’t think of any, talk to our WHS librarian or even your English teacher.

Sometimes your stress can even come from social media believe it or not. Skip social media for a day and enjoy your life. Try catching up on homework or get some help studying from your classmates after school. Even doing 10 random Acts of Kindness will make not only others feel good about themselves but so will you.

Following some of these simple steps can help lift your spirits on any gloomy day.

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How to brighten up a gloomy day