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What is the Christian Club?

Nicole Garland, Layout Editor

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The Christian Club invites everyone of various religions and beliefs to come to discussions openly and to not be afraid to participate.

Everyday we come to school, go to our classes, do homework and do it all over again. This year however, Woodhaven High School started a new tradition to try to improve the grades of their students. Homeroom is a fifteen minute period between first and second hour where students meet with their assigned homeroom teacher to talk about their academics. While the student district backs the new program, what do our students think?


“I don’t like it. It feels like a waste of fifteen minutes we could use for more productive things,” said senior Ericka Makin.


According to a majority of students at WHS, the way the program is set up is not beneficial. “Everyone I know, including myself, find no help in it,” said junior Danielle Wheeler. “The teachers give us our grades and tell us advice we already know. Besides a lot of kids don’t care.”


Mr. Czajkowski, Woodhaven High school’s principal, chimes in on what his thoughts are and why they started homeroom. “It can help with kids who don’t have computers or don’t check their grades regularly. The students who say it’s a waste of time more than likely already check their grades on a regular basis.”


Another concern is that most of the homeroom teachers that students were assigned are teachers they haven’t had before. “Half the kids I know don’t even know the teacher that they were assigned,” said senior Jasmine Moore.


For students who may be struggling, going up to a stranger and asking for guidance isn’t comfortable if they don’t share a teacher to student communicative relationship. This leads to fewer students asking for the help they need. “They should put more thought into assigning teachers because it’s not comfortable for either the teacher or student,” said Moore.


How can we change this to make it better for our WHS students?  “Hold it with teachers we know and during a different time of the day,” said Makin.


Since the seemed intentions of the district are to help the students keep track of their grades and assist them in improving academically, how is the district responding to the complaints of the students?


“It’s a trial this year. We will have some staff meetings and decide about what to do next year,” said Czajkowski.

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What is the Christian Club?