Hurricane Irma stopping students

Kayla Lytton, Copy editor

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 Hurricane Harvey and Irma have taken millions of children out of school, preventing them from learning. Most schools didn’t plan on starting back up till Sep 20th at the earliest, while others are closed until further notice. Because of the hurricanes, 8.5 million students have missed class time to learn.

 “At first I was happy about school being out, but then I regretted feeling that way. For about four days, I was stuck in my house and it made me realize how much we rely on power and a car,” said junior Alex Martin at Saint Brendan High in Miami.

 The only thing people did while being stuck at home was staring at the walls or just hanging out with their family. Because the power went out, most houses and apartments had no electricity at all, which means that their food in the fridge went bad. They had to buy all new grocerys once the power was back on.

 Many high schoolers have a lot of homework to catch up on. They aren’t taking is at a normal pace either, they have to try and learn everything so quick so they can be back on track.

 “My classmates and I have so much homework. I take eight8 classes and the other day we learned a whole chapter which consists of four4 to five5 lessons when regularly we would only learn 2 lessons a day,” said Martin “and since we learned the whole chapter, we had to take the chapter test the very next day.”

 Martin wishes that the hurricane never happened so that that she wasn’t stuck with piles and piles of homework.  During the hurricane, Martina and her family stayed in Florida and just went to an evacuation center till the Hurricane was over.

 When it was over, she saw all the destruction done with her two eyes, “ I was devastated, the neighborhood that I was used to waking up every morning wasn’t there anymore and I knew it was going to be a while before everything would be close to normal again.”

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Hurricane Irma stopping students