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Traveling for the holidays

Julia Detrych, Print editor-in-chief

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Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Many people travel during the holidays on all types of transportation. Each mode of transportation and all travel comes with a cost during the holidays.We have some tips to help you save money and think about your costs when traveling around during the season.


  1. The most expensive thing that comes to traveling in a car during the holiday season is the gas prices (except for all the required road trip snacks). Gas prices can rise during anytime of the year, but they can be very expensive during the holiday season.  The gas prices usually increase $2 around the season just because of many people are traveling compared to what a gas price would be on a normal week. Gas prices in Woodhaven are $2.20 per tank. The gas prices right now are arranging from $2.18- $2.27 per tank around the country.


  1.   If possible, keep your distance short. Don’t travel too far because it can rise up on miles and lower your gas tank faster. If you stop frequently you are saving gas money rather if you are straight driving through you are going to have to stop a lot to fill your gas tank.  A second thing you can do is drive and travel at night so you don’t have to book a hotel which is more money. The last thing you can do is know the route you are going in so that way you don’t get lost and waste more gas if you are traveling on the wrong path.


  1.   If you are flying in an airplane, than get ready to spend The expensive costs that comes to this is the airplane ticket that you have to buy and all the luggage you have to claim also and bring with you.One thing you can do is find promo codes on websites to help bring down your ticket cost. Another thing that can help you is only travel with only two bags because if you travel with more than two bags they will charge you more. If you travel with more than 2 bags the airlines usually charge you $30-$100 depending how much the bag weighs.  The last thing that can help you save is sign up for reward points for airplane flights, this can reduce the cost of your flight by a lot.


The places that people travel to the most during the holidays are New York City, Chicago, Colorado, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Puerto Rico, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Alaska.


If you are looking for somewhere to go during the holidays, you now know where you can go and know how to save money rather if you are traveling in a airplane or driving in a car.

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Traveling for the holidays