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A sad but growing reality

Michelle McClintic, Assitant editor-in-chief

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“41 percent of first marriages end in divorce, 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce, 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce,” Said Washington  divorce counselor Mckinley Irvin. Why is it that so many people are unhappy and don’t want to remain in their marriages anymore?
“Many people are getting married for the wrong reasons and leaving for reasons such as; marrying for money (such as marrying someone because they have a lot of money), lack of individual identity ( such as leaning on a person), Not having a shared vision of success, intimacy disappears, unmet expectations, finances, being out of touch — literally, different priorities and interests, and inability to resolve conflicts,” stated in article “ Title” Huffington Post Author’s Lisa L. Payne, Kim Olver & Deborah Roth.
Divorce affects our youth, because for many of us our own parents are divorced, whether they divorced before our birth, or during our childhood, or even currently are, this all affects young adults in some way.
“From what I have seen in counseling, children (up to about age 9) tend to respond differently to divorce than adolescents (about 9 and older). Because the child is still so dependent on and attached to parents, he tends to be more prone to grief and anxiety at the loss of family unity and security. For a while the child may cling, lose confidence, and act sad,” said psychologist Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D. Many children blame themselves for their parents divorce it hurts their lack of security and their self esteem, the parents become seen as the good ( the parent who tries to be the favorite) and the bad ( the one that makes the correct decision and continues to parent the child with discipline). The child may try to break rules and turn to things such as drugs or alcohol abuse, destructive behavior, a frequent guilty mind, problems with defiance, isolation and neglect to engage in any activity, they could become depressed or suicidal, anger, and failure to take responsibility.
For the mothers and fathers the divorce affect could be different depending on why they have decided to separate but in many if not most cases the families go to court within the first court trial temporary child support and temporary parenting plan, are established and then testimonies are set to see who will have custody, during which everyone becomes very emotional and the case gets harder to deal with for the children, and things get sticky. Divorce is a very hard subject to endure but it is becoming a quick reality for many students and families.

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A sad but growing reality