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Time’s Up Movement

Julia Detrych, Print Editor-In-Chief

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With the Golden Globes that aired on January 7, 2018. There were many celebrities that wore black. This movement was to raise awareness and stand against sexual harassment. There have been many producers, directors, and actors that have been accused of sexually harassing woman. This was the time to take a stand against it and raise awareness and prove empowerment.

This movement was started out by Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, Shonda Rhimes, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Michelle Williams brought #MeToo founder Tarana Burke as their guest to the Golden Globes. “The blackout was staged as a protest of sorts, but it was also an effort to raise money for a legal defense fund for victims of sexual misconduct in the workplace,” said TMZ. The group had raised $15 million.

Almost every woman that won an award, in their speech they found a way to connect the project with the current movement against sexual harassment. Salma Hayek tried to get the audience to yell “Time’s up!” in unison. Ashley Judd brought up Harvey Weinstein, the first man that was convicted of sexual harassment toward many actresses. Which he is the one that made all of these powerful and important woman start this wonderful movement.

New York based stylist Michael Fisher said “that men wearing black to the globes will be an inevitable thing out of solidarity” according to gq.com . “My gentleman are wearing dark suits and all are wearing black pocket squares to support the cause,” said Fisher. Many of the male celebrities that were wearing black/dark colored clothing are Hugh Jackman, Sam Rockwell, The Rock, Seth Myers, Zac Efron, and many more actors.

Many inspiring actresses gave powerful speeches. The most honorable speeches that were given by actresses were Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, and Oprah. The red carpet and the award show was filled with many actresses wearing black including Viola Davis, Debra Messing, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kerry Washington, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley, Emma Stone, and many more famous actresses. In total there were 300 actresses that wore black gowns or jumpsuits to the awards.

This movement went worldwide and crazy with all the actresses and actors and stylists that promoted to wear black at the Golden Globes. Raising awareness and money for the end of sexual harassment against women was a goal, and they completed it. People around the world know what this movement is and what the purpose is and how it has changed many lives. It is crazy how a single person can start a movement and see how far it can go.





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