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Long distance relationships

Cheyenne, event planner

February 14, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

“The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives. The harder you have to fight for something, the more priceless it will become once you achieve it. And the more pain you have...

Time’s Up Movement

Julia Detrych, Print Editor-In-Chief

February 7, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

With the Golden Globes that aired on January 7, 2018. There were many celebrities that wore black. This movement was to raise awareness and stand against sexual harassment. There have been many producers, directors, and actors...

Traveling for the holidays

Julia Detrych, Print editor-in-chief

January 19, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Many people travel during the holidays on all types of transportation. Each mode of transportation and all travel comes with a cost during the holidays.We have some tips to help you save money and...

The show must go on

The show must go on

January 18, 2018

Frozen strawberry lemonade

Taylor Hudgins, Photographer

June 5, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

    Ingredients:   Produce 5.3 ounces of fresh strawberries Condiments 2 tbsp of lemon juice Baking & spices 2 tbsp of granulated sugar 1 tbsp of pink sugar Frozen ...

Holidays Celebrated Around the World

Carolyn Girard, Print Editor-In-Chief

May 30, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

All over the world, countries show their pride in history and culture through holidays. Some countries celebrate with festivals and others take to the streets in week-long festivities.   Songkran, Thailand An elephant sprays wat...

Tasty summer smoothies

Taylor Hudgins, Photographer

May 15, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Directions: Step one: Cut and measure out ingredients Step two: Place ingredients into labeled bags and freeze Step three: Add one cup of any type of liquid and then blend   Mango Berry Smoothie: ½ cup...

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